Is a professional travel agent available to help me in making my travel plans?

Yes. If you have any questions or need assistance in making your travel plans, you may contact your professional travel agent at 866-299-4252.

How do I change flight's after I have purchased the tickets?

You will need to contact us at the email or phone number. Most International tickets can be changed subject to airline restrictions, penalties and any difference in fare. This will be dependant on the type of ticket that has been issued. Any one of our travel specialists will be glad to research this information for you.

Is my client’s credit card number safe?

Yes, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Private Communication Technology security standards that are supported by both Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox. SSL encodes your personal information such as your password, address, phone number and your credit card number. Information is available only to the travel agent who will help make sure your travel planning goes smoothly. This encryption ensures that your information is safe & secure.

What if my client’s Credit Card is rejected?

If the credit card is rejected for any reason, we shall contact you to ensure that we have the correct number and expiry date on file. Please note that we cannot guarantee any price until successful issuance. If the reservation gets cancelled, we will do our best to reinstate. If unable  to use the same credit card, you may opt to rebook the using another Credit Card. Fare is subject to change in this process.

Is my personal information sold to other companies?

No. Personal information collected that is necessary to the process of making a booking is not sold to outside parties. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring a safe and confidential online transaction.

Do I have to disclose my client's telephone number, passport number?
Yes, Under new security regulations, passenger must supply Passport number and telephone contact within 14 days of reservations or before departure whichever comes first.

Do the tickets show a price?
The large majority of the fares we offer are issued as “IT” which is a bulk ticket that shows no amounts other than the taxes collected. If, however the fare being issued is a published fare and is not commissionable, it should be noted that the service fee being charged may show up as a “BSP Service fee” on your clients card. If we do charge the service fee on our in house merchant, then your client will see “GT Airfare and Hotel Experts”. It is advisable to inform your passenger/s of this in advance to avoid any unnecessary charge backs.

Can I pay by agency check?
Yes. TICO appointed agencies in good standing are permitted to pay by cheque

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! Most airlines accept credit cards for net fares however the below airlines have the following surcharges and minimums
OA, MS, SV , AZ          3% fee
Certain airlines may impose a maximum cap on the amount being charged. Usually it cannot exceed 25%.

What documentation is required for Credit Card payment?
On most credit card transactions, the onus of obtaining an imprint of the credit card along with signature will be that of the agent.
Credit card Authorization signed by the passenger plus proof of identity is required for all sales.

Can I use a third party Credit Card?

Gala Travels reserves the right to decline payment via third party cards. In the event you wish to use a third party card for payment, please ensure that you Have a swiped UCCF form either faxed or scanned and emailed to Even after receipt of the UCCF, the agency ordering the ticket will Be liable in the event the charge is disputed.

Can I use my own (Travel Agency) Credit card to pay for my client?
 No. The Credit Card holder must be in the traveling party.

 Where do I fax the Authorization form?
 Fax the documents to 416-491-5870

When do I get my commission check?
Gala issues commissions cheques every Wednesday (the week after the sale) so you can expect to receive it by the following Friday.

Are the tickets restricted?

Yes. All tickets are restricted and carry a cancellation fee as per each carrier. Some may be non refundable. Make sure you consult the rules associated with each rate before committing to a transaction.
Please note the Gala Travels charges a service fee to re-issue and/or refund a ticket. Our standard fee is $50 above the applicable airline charge.

Do my clients have luggage limitations?
Yes. Most airlines limit the number of pieces to two (2) checked and one (1) carry-on. The checked pieces may not exceed 62 linear inches, total of Length + Height + Width, or 70 pounds in weight and the carry-on is limited to 9" x 14" x 22" (maximum 45 linear inches) or 40 pounds in weight. Airlines have the right to impose further restrictions. Please check with airline before counseling your passengers.

Mileage Programs:
Do these tickets qualify for mileage programs as normal tickets do?
Yes. Your clients may accumulate mileage if they are already enrolled or may join a new mileage program at the time of check-in. There may be certain airlines which will only permit partial mileage credit for bulk fares. Please call our offices to check on this.

We welcome you to either email us or call us at 416-491-5314 or toll free at 877-786-FARE (3273) if you have any further questions or concerns that need clarification.